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The Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC) is a voluntary association of episcopal conferences in Asia, established with the approval of the Holy See. Its purpose is to foster among its members solidarity and co-responsibility for the welfare of Church and society in Asia. The decisions of the Federation are without juridical binding force; their acceptance is an expression of collegial responsibility.


  • To study ways and means of promoting the apostolate, especially in the light of Vatican II and post-conciliar official documents, and according to the needs of Asia
  • To work for and to intensify the dynamic presence of the Church in the total development of the peoples of Asia
  • To help in the study of problems of common interest to the Church in Asia, and to investigate possibilities of solutions and coordinated action
  • To promote inter-communication and cooperation among local Churches and bishops of Asia
  • To render service to episcopal conferences of Asia in order to help them to meet better the needs of the People of God
  • To foster a more ordered development of organizations and movements in the Church at the international level.
  • To foster ecumenical and interreligious communication and collaboration.


FABC functions through a hierarchy of structure consisting of the Plenary Assembly, the Central Committee, the Standing Committee, and the Central Secretariat.

The Plenary Assembly, the supreme body of FABC, is composed of all presidents of member-conferences or their officially designated episcopal alternates, Bishop-delegates elected by the member-conferences, associate members and members of the Standing Committee. The Plenary Assembly meets in ordinary session every four years.

The Central Committee, composed of the presidents of member-conferences or their officially designated episcopal alternates, oversees the implementation of the resolutions and instructions of the Plenary Assembly. This committee meets every two years.

The Standing Committee, composed of five Bishops elected from different parts of Asia, implements the resolutions and instructions of the Central Committee. It provides direct guidance and support to the Central Secretariat and other organs of FABC.

The Central Secretariat is the principal service agency and an instrument of coordination within the FABC and with outside offices and agencies. To assist the Central Secretariat are seven Offices each handling specialized ministry/area of concern:

  • Office of Human Development
  • Office of Social Communication
  • Office of Laity
  • Office of Theological Concerns
  • Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy
  • Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs
  • Office of Evangelization
  • Office of Clergy
  • Office of Consecrated Life

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Other web-based functionalities will be included which will help provide information to users of the Web site and would also allow users to interact and participate in the fulfillment of the FABC’s objectives.

FABC Papers are designed to bring the thinking of Asian experts to a wider audience and to develop critical analysis of the problems facing the Church in Asia. The opinions, however, do not necessarily represent the official policies of FABC or its member Episcopal Conferences. FABC Papers on-line is a special service of the Union of Catholic Asia News

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