Mar. 20-23, 2014

FABC Standing Committee and FABC Offices Meeting

FABC Central Secretariat

FABC Documentation Centre,

Bangkok, Thailand


05-11, 2014

Annual OTC Meeting

"Towards Responsible of Creation: An Asian Approach"

FABC Office of Theological Concern

Palm Beach Hotel,

Bali, Indonesia


23-27, 2014

Colloqium on

Sharing "The Joy of the Gospel" in Asia

FABC Office of Evangelization

Camillian Pastoral Centre,

Bangkok, Thailand


14-19, 2014

Pastoral Leadership Seminar for Bishops

FABC Central Secretariat

FABC Documentation Centre,

Bangkok, Thailand

Aug. 13-17, 2014

6th Asian Youth Day, "Asian Youth! Wake up! Thr Glory of tne Martyrs Shines on you!"

FABC Office Laity and Family,

Youth Desk

Pastoral Centre, Daejon,


Aug. 17-20, 2014

Asian Youth Ministers Meeting"

FABC Office Laity and Family,

Youth Desk

Pastoral Centre, Daejon,


Sept. 25-30, 2014

"SCCs (Small Christian Communities) leading to New New Evangelization" (BILA II on Lay Apostolate)

FABC Office Laity and Family, AsIPA Desk

Camillian Pastoral Center,

Bangkok, Thailand




Asian Conference of Theology Students (ACTS V)"Christian Witness in a Muti-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct"

FABC Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs,

Christian Conference of Asia

Bangkok Christian Guest House

Bangkok, Thailand




"Christianity in Asia Interdisciplinary Conversations"

FABC Office of Evangelization-

Asian Center for Cross-Cultural Studies

Asian Center for Cross Cultura Studies

(ACCS), Chennai, India

Nov. 10-15, 2014

"Seminar on Proclaiming the Joy of the Gospel as Renewed Evangelizers in Asia:for Bishops, Priests and Formators"

FABC Office of Clergy

Redemptorists' Retreat House,

Pattaya, Thailand

Nov. 17-22, 2014

19th Annual Bishops' Meet

"Spirituality of New Evangelization: the Communication Dimension"


FABC Office of Social Communication

Diocesan Pastoral Center,

Macau, China


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