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Seminar on "Proclaiming the Joy of the Gospel as Renewed Evangelizers in Asia: For Bishops, Priests and Formators", November 10-15, 2014

  1. Consultation on Human Formation of Priests- Challenges in the Asian Context 2006 -
  2. International Seminar On Caring for Priests-Especially Those with Difficulties -
  3. Vocation In Asia: Formation to Radicality -
  4. Paradigm Shift in the Mission and Ministry of the Priest in Asia
  5. Spiritual Formation of Priests
  6. Final Statement- Bishop As Father, Brother & Friend of Priest
  7. Final Statement- The Impact of Pedophilia Crisis on the Church in Asia






Executive Board

Most Rev. Mylo H. C. Vergara

Bishop of Pasig

Bishop Chairman - FABC OC


Most Rev. Udumala Bala

Bishop of Warangal

Bishop Member - FABC OC


Most Rev. Silvio Siripong Charatsri

Bishop of Chanthaburi

Bishop Member - FABC OC


Most Rev. Joseph Do†Manh Hýng

Bishop of Phan Thiet

Bishop Member - FABC OC


Fr. Singareddy Inna Reddy

Executive Secretary - FABC OC

St. Joseph's High School

Jyothinagar, Husnabad

Siddipet Dist. - 505467

Telangana, INDIA

Tel: 91 9177363215