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Asian Laity Meetings

From 1986 until now the National Laity Commissions held in cooperation with the FABC Office of Laity regular regional meetings for mutual support, sharing of experiences and building awareness of the important role of Lay people in the life of the Church.


In 2004, the Office of Laity was ask to add Family to its portfolio. The list below includes Laity and Family meetings. For meetings concerning Youth, BEC or Women please go to the respective pages.



BILA X on Laity


2-6 March 2015 - Camillian Pastoral Centre, Bangkok. 43 Paticipants from 9 countries. Moved at very short notice from Dhaka (January) to Bangkok (March). Keynote speaker was Fr Jacob Teckanath on the "Mission of Evangelization of the Laity today".



ALM I (First Asian Laity Meeting) was held 1994 in Suwon Diocese, Korea and brought participants representing 14 countries/areas of Asia together to reflect on the theme "The Commitment of the Laity in Church’s Mission with special reference to implementing the Church’ s Social Teachings”

The participants focused their attention on three vital areas for evangelization in Asia:

  • - The family
  • - Our workplace
  • - The dialogue of life with peoples of other faiths


ALM II (Second Asian Laity Meeting) 2001 in Thailand focused on the theme “Laity as a moving force of love and service in a renewed Church.”







Events in 2017 coming soon


East Asian Seminar on the Family, Taiwan, May 15-19, 2017


The Registration Form, Programme All registrations should go through your Bishops' Conference or Family Ministry. Countries invited are Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.



Study days on the Family, Thailand, October 3-6 2017


The Project Proposal is available for information. Attendance is by invitation.






Theme: Shepherding the Family - Contemporary challenges and responses for Bishops, Priests and Lay Leaders.

16th - 20th May 2016, Venue: Salesian Retreat House, Hua Hin, Thailand

Organised by: FABC Office of Clergy and FABC OLFamily Attended by 98 participants from 15 countries with 12 Bishops.




"Avenues/Approaches to respond to challenges in Pastoral Care to Families in the 21st Century" ,11th to 16th June, 2007, Redemptorist Centre, Pattaya, Thailand




"Families in Asia, serving in being served"

Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 20-24, 2013



Regional Laity Meetings

EARLM (East Asian Regional Laity Meetings for Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan):

  • EARLM 1 (1986, Taiwan): “The Role of the Laity in the Growth of the Local Churches in East Asia”
  • EARLM 2 (1989, Japan): “ Spiritual Crisis amids Materal Affluence and the Role of the Laity”
  • EARLM 3 (1992, Korea): “The Participation of the Laity in the Life of the Church”
  • EARLM 4 (1996, Macao): “The Role of the Laity in Human Development”
  • EARLM 5 (1999, Hong Kong): “Formation of Laity towards a Renewed Church”
  • The East Asian Meeting on FAMILY October 20-24, 2002 in Taipei, Taiwan focused on the theme "The Family in East Asia: Pastoral Challenges for the 3rd Millennium".

SEARLM (Southeast Asian Regional Laity Meetings for Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam):

  • SEARLM 1 (1996, Thailand): “The Role of the Laity in Church Mission in South East Asia, with Special Emphasis on Implementing the Church social Teachings”
  • SEARLM 2 (1999, Philippines): ”Authentic Human Development and the Social Teachings of the Church”

SARLM (South Asian Regional Laity Meetings for Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka):

  • SARLM 1 (1995, India): “Towards a Participatory Church”
  • SARLM 2 (1998, Nepal): “The Role and Mission of the Laity in the multi-religious contexts of South Asia at the threshold of the third millennium”






Executive Board


Most Rev. Gilbert A. Garcera

Archbishop of Lipa

Bishop Chairman - FABC OLF


Most Rev. Benedictus Son Hee-song

Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul

Bishop Member - FABC OLF


Most Rev. Samson Shukardin, OFM

Bishop of Hyderabad

Bishop Member - FABC OLF


Most Rev. Shorot Francis Gomes

Auxiliary Bishop of Dhaka

Bishop Member - FABC OLF


Most Rev. John Wong Soo Kau

Archbishopof Kota Kinabalu

Bishop Member - FABC OLF



Fr. Emmanuel K. Rozario

Executive Secretary - FABC OLF

Holy Spirit Major Seminary

Block A-112, Rd. -27, Banani, Dhaka -123






  1. BILA X on Laity 2015- "The Role and Mission of Laity on the 21st Century" Asian Meeting on Laity on the 50th Anniversary of Second Vatican Council
  2. BILA X on Laity Report
  3. BILA X on Laity Programme