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Asian Youth Day 2009 Theme



"YASIA FIESTA! Young Asians, Come Together, Share the Word and Live the Eucharist!" is the theme of Asian Youth Day 2009. The event will be held in Imus, Cavite, Philippines November 23-27.   It will highlight activities exploring God's Word and the Eucharist in the formation of young Asian Catholics.  Prior to the main event, delegates will be staying in 10 dioceses from Nov 20 to 23 for cultural and pastoral orientation with host families and parish interaction/ service.

Youth Commissions of different Asian countries have started already their preparations for the event.  The Bamboo Youth Day Cross is already on pilgrimage to different parishes of the host diocese Imus in Cavite, next to Metro Manila.  It will continue visiting other parts of the Philippines, including the Moslem areas in South.  In Hong Kong, the youth commission has planned a preparatory formation for some 40 Catholic youth aged 18-35 to participate in AYD 2009 in the Philippines.  After the Asian Youth Day in November, the diocese also plans a special Diocesan Youth Day for Hong Kong to be celebrated in December this year. Also the Church in Taiwan has a special "Taiwan Youth Day" on August 19 - 22 in Taichung, organized by the youth desk of the Regional Bishops' Conference.

After the main event, heads of the youth commissions of FABC-member countries and associates will gather for the Asian Youth Ministers' Meeting Nov 27-30.  Parallel to this, several post-AYD workshops will be offered aiming at further immersion in the AYD theme.  The CICM Fathers' Bukal ng Tipan Pastoral Center will host one such workshop.  The Southeast Catholic Press Association (SEACPA) and its partner organizations will hold a workshop on pastoral communications. These activities will extend till Dec 4, 2009.  For details, please contact the Youth Desk of the FABC-Office of Laity and Family: 030809



Youth Ministry Regional Meeting


"Catch the Vision, Live the Dream" was the theme for a Youth Ministry Regional Training for South-East Asia in Bangkok April 20-24, 2009 organized by the Youth Desk of the FABC-Office of Laity and Family.  26 youth minister from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar gathered to understand better the basic foundations and principles of Youth ministry, to explore components of Youth ministry, and to become aware of modern Youth culture and consequences for catechetics and different fields of Youth ministry.  The meeting deepened the resolve of Youth ministers to establish collaboration and networking among them.  From an activity-oriented approach, the participants plan to professionalize the Youth ministry within the region and to develop effective structures for mutual support. 300409



5th ASIAN Youth Day 2009



The FABC-OLF-Youth Desk is organizing the 5th Asian Youth Day to be held in the Philippines on November 20-27, 2009. Inspired by the Synod on the Word of God and the FABC Plenary theme on Living the Eucharist, the 8-day event hopes to:

  • Renew Asian youth’s  faith in and love for the Word of God and the Eucharist
  • Celebrate youthfully the Word and the Eucharist in their contexts, cultures and communities
  • Enable the young to become agents of transformation by living out the Word and the Eucharist in our realities in Asia

The AYD hosts aim to gather some 2,000 Asian youth delegates from the 22 countries.


Among the highlights of the event are 3-day Parish/Host Family experiences, plenary sessions on the Word and Eucharist, sub-regional reflections and deepening experiences, workshops and meaningful prayers and liturgies. There will also be post-AYD workshops.


After the AYD, the Asian Youth Ministers’ Meeting (AYMM) will be held on November 27-30, 2009 for the Episcopal Youth Commissions across the region to deepen the AYD experience in the level of ministry and to foster greater collaboration among youth ministers and leader in the region.


A preparatory meeting will be held in the Philippines on March 24-26, 2009 to formally launch the event, provide important information for delegations and finalize the program plan.


For more details please contact the FABC-OLF-Youth Desk at




History and Background Asian Youth Gathering 2005
A Celebration of Praise and Worship


The World Youth Day is never complete for Asian delegates without the unique experience of being with fellow Asians. Admist the huge crowd in the WYD, the Asian Youth Gathering, a youth festival sponsored and organized by the FABC-OLF-Youth Desk has allowed young people a feeling of oneness and belonging, a chance to gain new friends and an oppurtunity to touch base with the realities of the continent

This year at the WYD in Germany, close to 3,000 delegates from 21 Asian coubtries including mainland China trooped to the Harberghalle in Bonn on the 17th of August. Entitled YOUNG ASIAN MAGI: Let's Praise and Worship, the festival formally opened with a creative reading and reenactment of the passage of the Magi by Thailand (Mattew 2:1-12). In response to the challenge of sharing gifts and celebrating our giftedness, the festival showcase the unique cultures of Asia throught the performace of the different countries. The East Timor delegation attending for the first time surprised the crowed with their ethnic prayer dance. Japan, cathing up at the last minute, brought the whole house down with the entire group dancing together with their bishops and priest. The Indonesians presented a song and dance number with a nationalistic touch. Each delegation was also asked to present a country gift that expresses the treasures they find in their country and their people. Delagates were also encourage to share the gifts that they have brought with them like the Magi, offer their gifts to new friends form other countries. The spirit of giving and sharing was best celebrated when the event was capped by interfaith prayer facilitated by India.

At the councluding part, Bishop Rolando Tria-Tinora, Bishop in charge of the Youth Desk, Turned over the AYG cross to the Diocese of Hong Kong who will be hosting the next Asian Youth Day in August 2006. The audience enjoyed their colorful lion dance and the unique Chinese fans thery distributed as personal invitatioin to the next AYD.

It was a grace filled event for everyone including Asian migrants liveing in other countries. One Filipino-German youth, exclaimed, "This festival has made me become aware of the uniqueness of Asia. I'm proud to be Asian. I'm proud to be Filipino".

It is hoped that celebrations like the Asian Youth Gathering, could inspire more regional collaboration and networking among Asian countries and the growth of a truly local Church - a church of the poor and church of the young. With the spirit and enthusiasm our Asian youth offers to the church, may their voices be heard and their gifts be utilized in realizing this vision. God's dream for all.



Last July 4-6, 2005, the Youth Desk attended the very first SUMMIT OF ASIAN RELIGIOUS YOUTH LEADERS in Ambon, Indonesia. Organized by the World Conference on Religions for Peace and in cooperation with El.Ai.Em Ambon and Interfidei Institute from Jogjakarta, the program was participated in by 68 leaders from 14 countries. The theme of the gathering was Religious Youth For Peace: Confronting Violence and Advancing Shared Security.

The 3-day conference aimed:

  • a) to identify unique spiritual, moral and social assets of religious youth to prevent violence and advance shared security in Asia.
  • b) to develop a joint statement from Asian perspectives that can inform the World Youth Assembly in August 2006.
  • c) to work towards the building of a multi-religious instrument for religious youth leaders in Asia for collaborative action for peace and development.

Panelists coming from different religious and professional backgrounds shared on manifestations of violence and their experiences in addressing human insecurity. Participants were also given opportunities to analyze root causes of violence as well as their ideas in developing shared security within the region and in the grassroots level.

The immersion-exposure in the Ambon culture, its history of struggle for peace and its unique way in building harmony and restoring unity served as a backdrop to the whole conference. It also mirrored micro realities sometimes overlooked in world level cooperation. Further, the presence of Ambon youth - their passion and dedication was a shining example that the young can indeed lead the way to peace.

The closing ceremony of the conference was held in Jamee Mosque (or the Green Mosque) with the presence of the leaders and members of the community. With one heart and one vision, the delegates presented their statement embodying their united stand against violence and commitment to peace.

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