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FABC publications are suitable for pastoral workers but also researchers who would like to know FABC's stance on issues pertaining to religion, faith, cultures and societies in Asia. This listing has nine sections:

  1. FABC in general
  2. Social Communication
  3. Evangelization
  4. Interreligious Dialogue
  5. Human Development (Justice and Peace issues)
  6. Laity and Family
  7. Education and Faith Formation
  8. Theological Concerns
  9. Clergy

FABC also publishes FABC Papers to bring to a wider audience critical analyses of problems facing the Church in Asia.

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Social Communication in Theological Perspective: Communicanition Theology Social Communication Formation In Seminaries and Schools of Theology bica II  

Eilers, Franz-Josef

and Anh Vu Ta

Social Communication Formation in Theological Perspective: Communication Theology, CS Prints 1.

Logos Publication, Manila 2015. pp 117

ISBN 978-971-510-260-5.

Ciudadano, Virgilio Jr. F.

Social Communication Formation in Seminaries and Schools of Theology: An Investigation, CS Prints 2.

Logos Publication, Manila 2015. pp 168

ISBN 978-971-510-261-2


Devadass, Clarence.(Ed.)

Towards Responsible Stewardship of Creation. An Asian Christian Approach

FABC-OTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015. pp 48

Rogers, Anthony. (Ed.)

The Migrant Family in Asia: Reaching Out and Touching Them

FABC-OHD, Manila, Philippines

2009. pp 238.



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FABC Papers are designed to bring the thinking of Asian experts to a wider audience and to develop critical analysis of the problems facing the Church in Asia. The opinions, however, do not necessarily represent the official policies of FABC or its member Episcopal Conferences. FABC Papers on-line is a special service of the Union of Catholic Asia News

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