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FABC releases the “Bangkok Document”

In an online launching ceremony on March 15, Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay released the “Bangkok document”, the final document of the FABC 50 Conference.

The Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) held its first general conference on the theme” ‘Journeying Together as People of Asia,” from October 12-30, 2022, at the Baan Phu Waan Pastoral Training Center, Bangkok, marking the 50th anniversary of its creation.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the Convenor of the FABC 50 General Conference released the document accompanied by Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, the Secretary of the same General Conference.

Cardinal Gracias described it as “a spiritual document, which is the fruit of prayer, discernment, and spiritual conversation.”

“It is the beginning of a new journey,” the Cardinal said, and he expressed the hope that “it would become an influential document for the pastoral and missionary work in Asia.”

Cardinal Charles Bo, President of the FABC welcomed all present, and described the final document as “a visionary document that will energize and revitalize the church in Asia.”

Cardinal Bo said that the FABC 50 at Bangkok was “a historical event and a watershed moment for the Church in Asia.”

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